Watch Russian Military Unleash Surgical Strike That Vaporizes Ukrainian T-72M1 Tank

The Krasnopol precision guided munition is a laser-guided artillery shell that’s able to hitting targets so far as 20 kilometers away with exact accuracy. The munition is designed to be delivered from 152 mm artillery programs, such because the 2S3 Akatsiya and the 2S19 Msta-S.

The Russian Protection Ministry has launched video footage exhibiting Russia’s armed forces vaporizing a Ukrainian T-72M1 tank with a Krasnopol precision guided munition whereas advancing on Zaporozhye.

The Krasnopol guided artillery weapon system can be utilized to interact enemy tanks, armored automobiles, and different high-value targets with a success chance of as much as 95%. Its superior know-how makes it an efficient weapon for contemporary warfare situations.