NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening Gel Review

NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening Gel

Are you worried about finding an ideal solution for getting rid of dark spots? Want to find a good brightening solution? We bright to you NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening gel. This works on both these problems.

Dark spots or any sort of discolouration can be daunting to us. We all want to have beautiful and clear skin. Getting rid of dark spots from the face can be a great task. We would want to find a taster remedy in getting rid of them.

When dark spots appear on the face, we slowly begin to lose our confidence. But let’s not get disheartened anymore because we have a skincare market that is full of solutions for our skin troubles. A lot of products have emerged in the market that are designed specifically for solving all kinds of skin problems.

About dark spots


Dark spots are a common skin problem. There are various reasons for its occurrence. It’s usually caused due to hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is where the skin tends to produce excessive pigment, which is called melanin. Due to which the skin has dark patches. Making the skin have an uneven tone. This is a concern for most people.

Finding a solution that is really effective and can give long-lasting results is what most people are looking for.

There are several ways and solutions that will help you to get rid of dark spots and enhance skin brightening. At the same time, natural remedies are very much time consuming and might work slowly. We also have topical creams that are fast and effective. You will be able to dedicate a few minutes by using an effective topical cream. And that’s why it is important to find the right one. You don’t want to waste your precious moments by using a product like a ritual, but it doesn’t turn out to be effective in any way. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than that.

It is indeed needed that you make a thorough research of the product before buying it. And if you have no time for that, that’s why we are here. You can just read along and find out if the product is right for you or not. You will be able to determine whether to buy the product or not by the end of this article.

We bring you a review of NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening gel, which is claimed to be one of the best solutions in the skincare market.

The product is a very effective composition that treats the dark spots on the skin and leaves your skin bright and clear.

This product aims to exfoliate the dark spots off the face and then to make the skin glow. NeoStrata HQ Skin lightening gel has been tested and proved to work well on all skin types.

What is NeoStrata?

NeoStrata is a popular skincare manufacturing company that is well known for producing anti-ageing products. They produced anti-ageing products under the NeoStrata label as well as Exuviance and CoverBlend.

They manufactured and formulated numerous skincare products like cleansers, toners, collagen boosters and many more. But there’s one product that seems to stand out very much for its excellent effectiveness, and it is NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening Gel.

This product is topical, and it aims to give clear skin by exfoliating and helps in reducing dark spots.

Neostrata Is a prominent skin lightening skin. Most skin lightening creams make empty promises. And might not cause any effectiveness. But Neostrata has proved to make a difference. It helped people to acquire healthy-looking skin and has also contributed to wiping away dark spots. People were thinking that their dark spots don’t seem to have a remedy or have lost hope after trying numerous products.

Don’t give up yet.

NeoStrata’s HQ skin lightening gel could be the one for you.

The product is formulated

To remove dark spots from the skin.

To enhance the skin tone.

To protect the skin from discolouration and further damage.

The primary goal of the product is to eradicate the dark spots. That’s what people who are suffering from dark spots look for—secondly enhancing skin tone. People with dark spots want to brighten these spots and earn even tone. The last one is a precaution—a precaution to stop any sort of skin damage. The goals seem to be very promising and appealing. These are the exact norms that people want to check before getting the product. NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening gel has succeeded in finding out and giving out the essential.

How does Neostrata work?

The product exfoliates the skin; it makes the skin clean and clear. By exfoliating, it breaks up pigment clusters. So, large patches of pigmentation are slowly broken down and treated.

The product has B-Resorcinol and SabiWhite, which help in enhancing the brightness of the skin. This will put an end from new spots appearing on the skin.

The product contains Chardonnay Grape seed extract and Vitamin E; these are antioxidants, that keep the skin protected.

This product is said to be a multitasking brightener as it touches most of the skin troubles and solves them effectively.

Skin that is suffering from dark spots and discolouration is focused, and the product brightens these areas and brings an even tone to the skin.


The product is a blend of clinically proven elements and natural extracts. They blend together and work powerfully in bringing down skin problems such as dark spots and any other discolouration.

And it works on brightening the skin. Hydroquinone is the topmost ingredient that is responsible for lightning the skin. It is a bleaching agent, and it contains 2% of the product. This element is very powerful and can be harmful if it’s more than 4% of the product.

Kojic acid is a natural bleaching agent. The product is built with some of the most effective products.

Natural extracts work on gently soothing the skin and keeping it hydrated.

Active ingredients include

  1. Hydroquinone 2%
  2. Alcohol Denat
  3. Arginine
  4. BHTC
  5. Citric Acid
  6. Gluconolactone
  7. Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice)


  1. Kojic Acid
  2. Lactobionic Acid
  3. Oxalic Acid
  4. Polyquaternium 10
  5. Potassium Hydroxide
  6. Propylene Glycol
  7. Sodium Bisulfite
  8. Sodium Sulfite
  9. Water

NeoStrata is made to help you remove the dark spots and hyperpigmentation that is visible on the skin. The gel exfoliates the impurities and dark spots to remove them. The antioxidants present in the product will act as a block to stop pigmentation.

Hydroquinone(2%) is added to brighten the skin that is affected by discolouration. The scars and pigment marks left by freckles, dark spots, age spots and any kind of uneven tone are all corrected by this product.

This product ensures that your skin is well-nourished and hydrated. NeoStrata not only brightens and clears the skin but also sees that it Is healthy and fresh.

This product can be used for all skin types.

How to use

After using a suitable cleanser and washing your skin, apply it gently on the affected areas, where you have dark spots or discolouration.

Don’t go out in the sun as soon as you apply this product. Wait for 15 minutes at least.

Use it regularly in the mornings.


The product brightens the skin effectively

Removes black spots from the face by exfoliating.


Contains Hydroquinone 2%

Can cause skin irritation


NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening Gel Results

It might take about 12 weeks to get full results. You need to use it regularly to see the changes happening.


Avoid applying on broken or damaged skin.

Avoid using it around the eyes.

It might cause skin irritation.

If you have tended to have, sensitive skin avoid using it of the first test a small amount.

Where to get it from?

You can find it on online platforms, and you might find it in offline stores by chance.

NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening gel is better than most of the lightening products that are available in the market. It is said to have worked for a lot of people. It is effective in wiping out the brown spots from the face. Since it has Hydroquinone, it could be harsh on sensitive skin. So people having sensitive skin should stay away from it.


The customers have given a lot of positive reviews about this product. The product has a 4star rating.

Mallgram, a customer who bought and used the product, says that it was a great product. She said that it has helped in reducing the brown patches that she had on her skin. ‘My face looks great now… It’s worth a trying this product if you are looking for a brown spot “fix”. She wrote. She has given the product 5 stars.

Some people were claiming that the product did not work for them. Most of the reviews were positive, and people expressed that their skin has gotten better.

NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening gel has lived up to most people’s expectations. With powerful ingredients, it has made a mark in the market. The product has been very effective in removing dark spots. It takes a little longer to visualise the results, but it’s worth it. Most dermatologists have been recommending this product to their patients. Using the product regularly will enhance its nature on the skin. You should be cautious about maintaining your skin. Even when you are using effective products, it’s better to prevent any further skin damage rather than suffering from it. Protect yourself from the sun. Sunlight and UV rays are the main reasons for dark spots and pigmentation. Sun damage can cause a lot of distress, and sometimes it could be beyond repairs.

NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening gel will make you feel protected. Use it every day and see the changes.

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