How to get rid of dark spots on face: Find the best dark spot remover.

What are the dark spots?

get rid of dark spots on face

Dark spots on the skin occur due go hyperpigmentation. These spots are also called age spots, brown or liver spots. These spots start to appear when your skin is exposed to the sun. These spots occur to protect the skin from further damage. But surely these spots on the skin might lower self-confidence as they affect the person’s appearance.

There is a pigment underneath the skin which is called melanin. When your skin is exposed to the sun, either too much or sometimes even mere exposure will make the melanin overproduce and cause hyperpigmentation. When the hyperpigmentation happens, you will get dark spots and patches on the affected area if your skin. Hyperpigmentation can occur in any part of the body. But they usually occur on your face, hands and rarely on other body parts. This skin problem is also called discolouration.

Now, this is a common problem. Most people tend to find ways in which they can get rid of these dark spots. There are numerous remedies, products and medical procedures that are listened on the internet. It could be overwhelming to be able to find the right way to get rid of them.

You should remember that some of the ways are very effective and will give you results beyond your expectation.

So, if you are here still wondering what good be the best remedy to treat your dark spots, then read along and find out.

We made an effort to list out some of the best remedies and products that are said to work great.

We have also worked to put in all the details you might want to know about dark spots.

How to fight dark spots?

This is a very common question that occurs first on the mind if we encounter dark circles on our skin.

You might be wondering there are ways to get rid of them without damaging your skin, if you are, then the answer we have for you is Yes, there are ways to fight dark spots without damaging the skin.

In fact, there are a lot of ways in which you can gently remove these dark spots from your skin; we are going to list them out for you so you can try them out instantly.

Broadly there are four methods to get rid of dark spots naturally, and they are:

Home Remedies – Natural and easy

Chemical Substances – Fast and effective

Over the counter medications

Topical creams

Home Remedies

Most problems can be solved by home remedies. Various home remedies will help you fight the dark spots effectively. This method is said to be the best, and it works gently on your skin. There are very low chances of side effects, as most of the elements used in this method are natural and home-based.

We are listing out some of the best and effective remedies, do try them out.

Castor oil: Apply a few drops of castor oil in the affected area of the skin. Apply it on a daily basis and see how your dark spots start vanishing.

Lemon Juice: A small amount of lemon juice can be applied on the dark spots, do this at night and wash it off in the morning. You’ll witness how these spots start reducing.

Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera is a magic plant; it’s not only effective for health problems but also for hair and especially for skin issues. Apply the aloe vera gel on the dark spots, leave it on for at least 30 minutes, do this twice a day for best results

aloe vera gel

Papaya: Rub a small piece of papaya on the dark spots and clean it after 10 minutes.

Turmeric: Turmeric has antibiotic and antibacterial properties. Thus, it will work great on the skin. Just make a paste with turmeric and milk and apply it on the dark spots regularly. The dark spots will eventually fade away.

Neem: Make a paste of neem leaves and apply it on your face. It gives your skin an even tone.

Orange peel: Apply the orange peel directly on the dark spots or make a paste of it and apply.

There are many more home remedies that work well on dark spots. Discover what works the best for you and try it out and see for yourself.

Chemical Substances

You can get rid of the dark spots by some of the chemical substances that work very fast and are effective.

We are listing out some of the powerful and effective substances.

1. Hydroquinone: This chemical substance can help you get rid of hyperpigmentation. This substance helps to reduce dark spots, age spots and brown patches from your skin.

The risk factor of using the chemical substance is the fact that if you use more than the required amount, it is going to negatively affect your skin.

Only 4% of hydroquinone can be used on your skin. If the amount exceeds even slightly, then the chemical substance can harm the skin.

There are special hydroquinone creams you can check out.

2. Kojic acid: This substance is derived from fungi; this substance helps in brightening the skin; it also helps in reducing discolouration and pigmentation on the skin. You’ll find a lot of kojic acid cream or soaps that will work great on your skin.

3. Alpha Arbutin: This chemical substance is the most powerful natural skin lighter. Arbutin Is found in most skin listening products as it works great on dark spots and age spots.

4. Retinol: This is a vitamin A substance which is usually used to treat vitamin A deficiency. This will help in creating new skin cells.

5. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a great skincare element. Use a Vitamin C serum on the dark spots. This will fight any kind of skin discolouration.

Over the Counter Medication

There are numerous counter medications you will find that will help you fight dark spots and age spots.

Before buying any product, check the ingredients thoroughly because there could be some elements that could harm your skin. Always make it a habit to check out the ingredients and customer reviews before buying any skincare product.

Tropical Cream (Best Dark spot remover)

A Topical cream comes with natural ingredients and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Most of these creams are manufactured from well-renowned brands, and you can also check genuine customer reviews under these products.

These creams are considered to be the best as they work wonders on your skin. They do their job effectively and in no time. They leave your skin more radiant and healthier.

Finding the right dark spot removing cream can be difficult because there is a wide variety of them and each claiming to be the best. However, if the cream can give you an effective result within 14 days, then it could be the best one.

Going for topical cream is the best option. Because topical creams can help you get rid of your dark spots faster than the other alternatives available. Added they leave a lasting impact on your skin, improving its texture and appearance.

Amaira Skin Lightening Serum

Amaira Skin Lightening Serum

This is one of the best, made with plant-based natural ingredients. This serum can be used on your face and any part of your skin, even on the intimate areas. It works best to remove the dark spots.

Meladerm Skin Lightening

This is a powerful solution that will keep your skin natural and great. With the presence of Vitamin C and K, bearberry extracts and mulberry extracts, this product will give you younger and healthier skin. There’s Giga white ingredient that is more powerful and effective than hydroquinone. Guarantees that the product has no side-effects.



This a Vegan product that is 95% organic and 100% natural. Zeta is a package that comes with a set of three products like face wash, moisturizer and night cream. Using these three, you’ll find your skin glowing and spotless.

There are minor chances of allergic reactions.


Made after years of research, it consists of natural ingredients that are powerful and effective on both men and women. This product works best to clear all kind of discolouration. This product consists of natural ingredients to lighten your skin and also helps it frow healthier.

There are minor chances of an allergic reaction.

Amoils H- Age Spots Formula

Said to be the best-selling product from a popular brand in the US. This product brings a new natural way to reduce all the dark spots from the skin.

This product is 100% safe, and it’s made with natural products.

There are minor changes for an allergic reaction.

Zenmed Skin Correct+

zenmed skin correct+

It works great for women who want to get rid of discolouration, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and other skin troubles. The product removes dead skin cells and slightly bleaches the skin making it light. The ingredients in the product include Hydroquinone 2%, Glycolic acid, Aleo Vera and many more. It’s is essential to use sunscreen after using this product.

Murad Rapid Age spot and pigment lightening serum

It is specially manufactured to deal with the hyperpigmentation problem. It contains 2% hydroquinone that acts as an active ingredient for skin lightening. The product consists of a higher concentration of skin lightening ingredients that are allowed without a prescription. The product leaves your skin smoother and gives you an even radiant tone.

Beverly Hills Transformation Skin rejuvenation creme

This product deals well with the anti-ageing problem. It will diminish the age spots and will help in making the skin glow and youthful. It’s free from harsh chemicals and is paraben-free

There are minor changes for an allergic reaction.

Clinique Even Better Dark Spot corrector

This is a powerful serum that helps to reduce dark spots by 58% in 12 weeks. Within four weeks you’ll find visible changes on your skin. Combined with the soothing optimizer, the product will help you get rid of dark spots. There is a minor chance of an allergic reaction.

Proactiv+ Dark Spot Correcting serum

Proactiv+ is a globally leading brand. The products work to eradicate any kind of dark spot from the skin. This gel serum acts effectively in improving the skin. The Hydroquinone percentage is 2%—minor changes of an allergic reaction.

Revitol Skin lightening Cream

Revitol Skin Lightening Cream

This product listens to naturally dark skin; it brightens the skin and fights all the skin problems.

There could be side effects.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Dark Spot corrector

This works great in reducing the dark spots and also acts by minimizing the pores.

You can achieve visible results in 1-2 months.

Minor chances of an allergic reaction

Estée Lauder Enlighten Dark spot correcting serum

This corrects uneven skin tones. You’ll find your skin transformed in the first two weeks itself. Within four weeks of regular use, you can find mind-blowing results.

There are minor changes for allergic reactions.

Porcelana Dark Spot corrector

The product has always been in great demand. It’s got great bleaching properties. Porcelana Is a night cream and works best to remove dark spots.

There are minor changes for allergic reactions, which also consists of 2% of hydroquinone.

Illuminatural 6i

skinception Illuminatural 6i

Fights strongly to block melanin from producing pigmentation.

This product is gentle on the skin, and you can find immediate results.

There are minor changes for allergic reactions.

Shiseido White Lucent Spot Corrector

This is made with lastest cosmetic advancement; this product gives hour instant results. It thoroughly reduces dark spots from your skin.

Can cause a minor allergic reaction

Burt’s bees brightening dark spot corrector

The product reduces dark spots and discolouration. Most women found visible changes in their skin. With regular use, you can attain great results.

There are minor chances of allergic reactions.

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