Getting rid of acne: Find out the causes and best way to get rid of acne

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Acne is a very common skin problem. People all around the world are attacked by it. Acne is caused when the dirt or impurities get accumulated onto the skin and when they get in contact with the sweat and oil glands, acne or pimples occur.

As acne is a common condition that occurs to many people, a lot of skincare products emerged, each claiming to cure it better.

Skincare has gained a lot of importance in today’s world. Beauty standards have been set. Most people aspire to have great, clear and radiating skin. Having beautiful skin boosts self-confidence.

When we come back to talking about skin care products, there is a wide variety of them. It’s a daunting task to be able to find the right skin care product.

With different kinds of formulas that have been made, we might feel very sceptical about trying these products.

Yes, a lot of us still think if there are ways in which we can get rid of acne quickly or overnight? Is that too much to ask or except?

Well, I’m sure most people have the same thing going on in their head whenever they encounter acne on their face.

We want to be free from it as soon as possible. This is a very normal thing to say.

So, let’s open a discussion about what can cause acne and how to get rid of it.

Different causes of acne

Nobody loves to walk about with an acne-prone face. Even if they do not like to take care of themselves, they wouldn’t want their face to be covered in acne, and that’s true for a fact.

So, acne is a very common skin problem that is caused to most individuals in the world. Acne is categorized as pimples, pinheads, and these tend to scar the skin. Acne occurs in most parts of the body but especially on the face, hands and torso.

Sometimes acne majorly affects adolescents, as this group tends to have sudden hormonal imbalances as they evolve into adults.

There are various causes on how acne can affect people of different age groups who have a high glycemic diet and genetic predisposition.

There are also various reasons why acne is caused. You might not have heard of some of these causes, but we attempted to explain it briefly.



Steroids have been a crazy amenity that people want to consume to improve their muscle power and stamina. Especially those who are athletes tend to take in more. It is a synthetic compound; its structure and effect are said to be similar to testosterone.

The negative aspects of steroids are well known, and there’s one that’s known less, which is acne. The intake of steroids can cause a dangerous, life-threatening form of acne known as acne fulminans.

This is a very serious form of acne condition. It creates holes in the skin, and the infection will lead to muscle breakdown and also adds stress to the kidneys while it strains them to clear proteins from broken-down tissues.

This kind of acne occurs only in males.

It also causes damage to the immune system.

The only way to treat this kind of acne is by applying topical creams and by avoiding steroids completely.



Most people tend to cover up their acne by wearing a lot of makeup. But what they fail to notice is that there are some elements in the composition of the makeup products that lead to acne. They clog the spores of the skin. This type of acne is called acne cosmetic.

This is a mild form of acne, and it can occur on any part of the body.

The main elements that cause acne are petroleum-based cosmetics, these settle on the pores blocking them from releasing sweat, oil or dead skin cells. Therefore, all these get clogged causing bacteria to grow on the skin and finally it causes inflammation.

Other cosmetics that contain wheat germ oil, algae extract potassium chloride, Laureth 4, hexadecyl alcohol and Isopropyl Myristate or other comedogenic ingredients are most likely to cause acne cosmetic.

So, try to divert from buying cosmetics that contain these ingredients, that way you can avoid this kind of acne occurring on your skin.

Another method could be using these products in a limited way, washing off the product thoroughly, cleaning the makeup off your face before going to bed. Using powdered makeup over liquid makeup will also make a difference.


The bacteria caused acne is called Propionibacterium. The bacteria lives in the skin hair follicles, and it firms acne by producing a substance that will cause inflammation of the skin, and it will continue to make enzymes that cause disturbances to oil glands.

When the produced chemicals and enzymes meet white blood cells, it will cause inflammation. It also splits the surrounding skin cells leading to the development of pimples.

The bacteria can be eliminated by taking necessary steps like using anti-bacterial soap. Baking soda scrub and applying low strength benzoyl peroxide will kill acne that is caused by bacteria.

Work out and Yoga Mats

Yes, Yoga mats could cause acne. If you are using a mat that somebody has used before there are high chances of acne attack.

The mats carry sweat and dirt from others, so it is important to have your own yoga mat.

This kind of acne is the most common one. It occurs when dirt and bacteria get clogged in the skin with oil and sweat glands.

How to get rid of Acne: What you need to know about it

Everybody desires to have flawless skin. Most people give up on taking care of the skin because they think it’s unavoidable to save it from any kind of damage. But what you should know is that, even when your skin gets attacked by skin troubles, there are ways to retain clear and healthy skin. You just have to put an effort into finding the right remedies and taking extra care of your skin.

Getting flawless skin is achievable only when you decide to make an effort.

Today we have numerous options that prove to treat acne problems effectively. Different home remedies help in clearing acne. All these preventive measures depend upon one’s lifestyle and eating habits.

To be able to treat your acne well, you should know about the basic formulations that are good for your skin. The best chemical ingredients that treat acne see sulfur, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). So, when you buy an acne reduction product check for these ingredients.

At least one ingredient in the formula will tend to be an effective product.

Also, check for natural extracts like vitamin C and Retinol.

You’ll find products on both online and offline stores and make sure to order only from reputed companies to avoid any fraud.

How to get rid of acne using home remedies

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an effective natural remedy that will wipe away the acne from the skin. It has no side effects.

Tea tree oil acts as a solvent and cares acne. This oil will dissolve the dirt and impurities from the face. It’s antibacterial properties fight the bacteria that causes acne.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, a miracle plant serves in eradicating acne problems from the face. The gel soothes the skin and calms down the inflamed acne. It can wipe out acne-causing bacteria and also contributed in regenerating the skin.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another effective treatment for acne with no side effects. It contains antibacterial properties that fight well with bacterial acne. With the presence of Vitamin E, coconut oil becomes advantageous as it nourishes and improves the skin texture.

You just have to dab a few drops of coconut oil on your cleansed face and leave for about 15 minutes and wash it off. You can add salt to coconut oil and apply it to remove dead skin cells.

Natural honey

Honey is organic;it is one effective remedy for acne. When honey is mixed with water, it is said to produce hydrogen peroxide which acts as a mind and effective antiseptic that kills acne-causing bacteria. It also contains gluconic acid that helps in getting rid of dead skin cells making your skin fresh and vibrant.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works great on acne. It contains Alpha Hydroxy acids that seemed to be used in most skin care creams. This acid kills bacteria present in the skin. Lemon juice also contains potassium and vitamin C that help in healthy and vibrant skin. The citric acid works to make the skin right, and he’s rid of the blemishes.

There are many more home remedies that work wonders on removing acne. But these stand out to be the best and most reachable remedies that have no side effects.

Reviewing the best acne treatment products

We are here to review the best products that do their job in reducing the acne from the skin.

There are several treatments available, and it could be not easy to find the best product among the lot. You definitely have to do a lot of research if you want to get the best solution for acne and value for money.

So don’t worry while we do that for you.

We’ve done some research and checked everything to make it easier for you.

We considered all the factors that are needed to be in the skincare treatment and these are the products that seemed to be the ideal ones.

Exposed Skin Care #1 Best Acne treatment.

This product is combined with acne-fighting ingredients and purely natural elements. This product is safe and suitable for all skin types. It clears all the acne from the skin and will prevent it from recurring.

Bring back the glow and radiance with this product.

Ingredients include

Green tea

Aloe Vera

Tea tree and sage extracts

And quite a number of scientific ingredients that are safe and effective.

Customers have said a lot of positive things about this product. It really made a difference in most people’s lives.

Revitol Acnezine

revitol acnezine

Revitol Acnezine stands as one of the best acne-treating products. This product is formulated to clear acne scars and skin blemishes from the face. This product has been researched and made to meet the goals of getting rid of acne and winning clear skin.

The product is gentle on your skin, and it repairs the skin damage effectively and quickly.

Herbal ingredients in the product reduce and treat most skin troubles. It works to get rid of back heads, Whitehead’s, pores, wrinkles and other skin troubles.

The product is available online and offline stores, and customers have given great reviews about it.

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