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If as an individual you have done gel manicures and have used LED Nail Lamp for polish curing then you would be glad to know that you are not the only one who is addicted to curing nail polish through LED lamps. Lots of busy people including celebrities now prefer to get their nail polish cured with LED nail lamps. LED nail lamps are designed in such a way that they can cure gel polish in an amazingly short period. For first-time users, you can get the perfect curing of your nails within five to forty-five seconds. Your polish will harden instantly and it will look as if the polish has been cured by a professional.

Why is a LED Nail Lamp needed?

Generally, gel polish needs light to harden. The thing is you could not dry gel nail polish with any light – you need UV or LED. UV lights were used to cure gel nail polish before, but LED lights are becoming more popular because they cure dry nail polishes within a few seconds and in a safe manner. LED nail lamps might sound like a troublesome activity, but they are very easy to use and actually quite portable. But you need to buy LED nail lamps separately from other appliances related to nail polish. Another reason not to use UV rays can be harmful to the nails, but the light-emitting diode technology used in the LED nail lamps is safe for health as well.

What are the qualities to look for while buying LED nail lamps?

Before buying LED nail lamps, these factors are most important, so you need to consider these factors before shopping for the best-LED nail lamps. First of all, buy the nail lamp from the best and trusted manufacturer. Check the internet for great customer reviews. Also, be very sure whether the curing time of nail lamps is between 5-45 seconds. While buying the nail lamp, look for a model of the LED nail lamp which cures all five fingers at once.

There are some types of LED nail lamps that cure just four fingers. Seek out those LED nail lamps that offer a one-year warranty period. Finally, as you might have to carry the lamp outside as well its better you would need to choose an attractive and modern LED nail lamp.

Now that we have known about the qualities that you need to check before you buy the best-LED nail lamps. In this article, let us talk about some of the best-LED nail lamps. After studying the features of the lamps you will be safe choosing any of them. However, each LED nail lamp comes at different price ranges and also has different features. Getting a fair idea of them should help you to find an ideal match.

Some of the best-LED Nail Lamps

  1. Gelish 18G Professional LED Light

Gelish is one of the best brands that women have trusted overages. The best part of the LED nail lamps from Gelish is that this particular model offers a lot of value. It is not the cheapest nail lamp available in the market, but it offers true pro-quality, therefore, buying these LED nail lamps proves to be a form of a great investment. When you choose this sleek and modern nail lamp, you will buy a LED nail lamp model that contains thirty-six watts of LED lighting. Therefore, this investment makes sense, especially if you want the LED nail lamp to perform for a long time.

  • MelodySusie – 48W LED Nail Dryer

Melody Susie has the ultra-modern nail lamp that will help you to cure gel polish on your nails. You are bound to get salon-quality nails if you are using LED Nail lamps from this brand because it features a timer that you can set for five seconds, twenty seconds, or thirty seconds. This brand of nail dryer automatic drying performance or set the timer for your preferred amount of time. If you have made up your mind to buy this model, you will have options that will enable you to customize the curing time whenever you feel like it. Customization is a good option because certain processes such as nail art are more time than average nail curation is required.

  • NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer Nail Lamp for Gel Polish

The LED Nail lamp is the best-led gel lamp but it is a budget-priced model. This is one of the nail lamps that is great for home users. It has a host of features like the time of the timer which may be set for thirty seconds, sixty seconds, ninety seconds, or thirty minutes. The nail lamp can be used to dry gel polishes from many accomplished brands. If you are using the nail lamp from this brand, you would be able to get the pro-curing because you could set the timer accordingly. After using Nail Star Nail Lamp for curing the gel polish you could get a good nail salon in a matter of a few seconds, right from the comfort and privacy of home.

  • MiroPure 36W UV LED Nail Lamp with 4 Timer Settings

The MicroPure LED Nail Lamp is a bit on the pricier side than the other Nail Lamps that are available in the market. The Nail Lamp from MicroPure comes with a host of benefits like four-timer settings and a set of nail files, these features offer a lot of versatility and performance, for a price which though a little bit higher, most consumers can definitely afford. Another feature of this UV LED nail lamp is the double-light source technology. This technology can help dry different types of nail polishes like nail sculpture gel, nail builder gel, nail gems within the time frame of thirty seconds. Using the nail lamps ensures that you get the freshest, cleanest lines after applying the nail polish.

Which LED Nail Lamp is the best for you? All of the designs that have been recommended in this article here are safe to choose from. However, you need to choose the LED nail lamp that fits your budget better than others. Also, if you are comfortable in doing nails professionally, it would be a good move in investing more for a high-end model than a budget nail lamp. Last but not least, be sure to buy it from the best brands.

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