Best Gel Nail Polish Brands 2021

You must be sick and tired of painting your nails every week to hide all those cracks and chips if you are still using acrylic nail paints. We too are not too fond of acrylic nail polishes, to be honest. Gel polish is a radical invention in the world of nail manicures that has improved enough in the last few years. These gel nail polishes are capable of making long-lasting manicures easily done irrespective of the fact whether the nail art is done by an amateur DIY at home or by a professional at a salon.

Gel manicures have a lot of differences when compared with acrylic manicures. If we do a manicure, based on acrylic nail polishes, the nails are coated with a powder that is mixed in a solvent. Acrylic nails were very popular once upon a time. This was because acrylic nail polishes gave the nails a longer look, and to produce the desired effect, topcoat very strong top coated. In general, acrylics are clear and quite natural in tone.

How can you define a Gel Nail Polish?

It is never a wise move to buy something that you do not know about, even if it is nail polish. Therefore, before discussing the best gel nail polishes which are currently in demand among the cosmetic products, we would need to understand what a Gel Polish is. Gel polish has a lot of characteristics that are opposites of regular nail polish. Regular nail polish or acrylic nail polish develops a hard coat when it dries. This hard coat causes the polish to stick to the nail and the finish remains glossy for a very long time. It usually has the features of air exposure and can dry faster even if you blow on it or hold it up to a fan.

Gel polish, however, does not dry with the help of air, it can be dried with the help of LED Lamps to manicure the lamps. The drying of gel polishes refers to the solidification of the tiny particles of which the gel polishes are made up. These teeny particles tend to harden with the use of light. Instead of creating a hard coat which the acrylic nail polishes do, it creates a hard shell that will last much longer than regular polish.

Features of the Best Gel Nail Polish

To make it easy for you to know what to look for, in this article, we have handpicked the best characteristics of gel nail polishes. You should be aware of all these characteristics before you are going out in the market shopping around for the best gel nail polish or buying them online. These are the features of the best nail polishes. They are only manufactured by the best of the trusted brands. Most of the customers who had used them are satisfied with the results, therefore, you would be able to check that superb customer feedback online. The best gel nail polishes have an array of fashionable shades which will leave you spoilt for choice. 

The gel nail polishes are made with the help of a long-lasting formulation and are available at an affordable price. But if you want to have more variations like gel nail polishes for nail art you would want to invest in something high-end. Ease of application is another specialty of these nail polishes. A smooth, even finish is guaranteed when you apply these gel nail polishes.

All of the gel polishes that we are going to discuss have each of these features. They are the best investments which would be the crown of your beauty kit. If you want gorgeous nails, you would have to try any of these popular gel polishes. These gel nail polishes are enriched with so many benefits and last but not least, these gel nail polishes are some of the world’s premier nail enamel brands.

The best nail polishes that are available

●       IBD Just Gel Nail Polishes: When you order this gel polish, the first warranty you get is that you are buying gel nail polishes from a trusted brand name, and customers buying from this brand will get half an ounce of nail polish at an affordable price. The nail polish is easy to use and dries easily under a LED nail lamp. These nail polishes are easy to remove as well and you will get a variety of shades that you will love to try on different occasions.

●       Temperature Colour Changing Nail Polishes: This nail polish can change colors. That is due to a pro-grade formula that is used in these nail polishes and these nail paints are not toxic for the nails. There is also an e-book for all the customers so that you could get salon-quality nail finish at home. The color of the nails changes with the temperature change. It remains purple when the temperature is normal and turns icy white with purple overtones when the temperature falls.

●       Essie Nail Polish: This nail polish is a darling among ballet dancers and also a lot of celebrities. It comes in two-pack nail polishes. Both the shades come in elite-looking bottles. These shades look so glossy that you would wish to wear these colors on your nails on every occasion. You need to read the instruction manual so that you could get long-lasting manicured nails that do not chip at any costs. If you choose to buy nail paints at a great price you need to select the best online store.


If you wear any of these nail polishes, then be ready for compliments wherever you go because these nail polishes give you a perfect nail manicure. These nail polishes are easy to apply and they are available in both bright and cheery shades and also sophisticated and low-key shades which you can choose to wear according to occasions. Also do not forget to get a portable LED nail lamp that will help you to dry your nails faster.

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