For beautiful nail art or manicure, the art you are creating must be long-lasting. Acrylic powder and liquid for nails help your acrylic nails to stay long-lasting.

There are many products and brands out there, so it’s hard to choose the right one for you. But we have done the job for you. We have listed the five best acrylic powders and liquids for nails of 2021. 

There are lots of benefits of using acrylic powder and liquid than other options. They complete the women wish who love long and shiny nails. It made nails smooth, shiny, and attractive. They last longer and are affordable with no side effects. If your nail broke, then it’s a task of a couple of minutes to fix it with the right tools. The acrylic powder works amazingly and takes your manicure to another level.

Without any further due, let’s get started.

#1 Mia Secret Liquid Monomer + Acrylic Powder

Mia Secret is well known and one of the best brands for many kinds of nail care products. It is the first choice for many professionals and clients because it offers lots of benefits like lift-resistant, ease of use, MMA-free, and many more.

This is even ideal for home manicure as its super easy to use and comes at an affordable price as well. The quantity that comes in a bottle is pretty much enough for many sessions as only a small amount is used at a time. Its large enough quantity makes it the best fit for salons. Use this acrylic liquid, and you don’t need to fill or drill nails. 

Another best thing is it is MMA-free. MMA is methyl methacrylate. It is mainly made for use by dentists to cure teeth issues. It is not good for nails and causes serious issues when they come in contact with nails or skin. MMA free made it an excellent quality product in the market.



● It is lift resistant, accessible, and MMA free

● Quantity and quality both satisfied

● Less drilling and filling are required.

● Ideal for salons, manicures at home, for professionals, etc.


● It has a strong and heavy odor

#2 No Primer Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer

This no Primer Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer is best suited for those clients who are sensitive to primer as it doesn’t need a primer. This product ensures the best and strong bond between your natural nails and the acrylic ones. It gives excellent and impeccable shine to your nails without primer is the biggest advantage of this product. 

Cacee’s this liquid product is easy to use without any complications. Just take a brush, combine it with acrylic powder, then apply, and it’s done. It is also ideal for clients who don’t like strong chemical odors. It is formulated with stabilizers that ensure non-yellow nails, shine, and clear color, which lasts for more than a week. It is made with a low odor formula which is another important point that makes it a strong competitor. 

This product is effective and compatible with liquid and acrylic powders and works amazingly with almost all leading professional nail care brands out there.



● It is vegan friendly

● Long-lasting and great for long nails

● Non-yellow, odorless product

● Comes in decent quality 

● Ideal for beginners and home manicure


● It takes a long time to dry out.

#3 Cheri – Nail Liquid Monomer + Acrylic Powder

If you want a professional product which only shows good results, then you must try this one. It is a high-quality product that lasts for approximately 1-2 weeks without any peeling or damage. Its long-lasting stay and high quality make it the best suit for all nail professionals. The quantity also comes pretty much enough for many sessions. No need to buy another bottle early. Another advantage of this product is it sets fast and dry quickly, perfect for home manicure and applying is super smooth on the nails. 



● Ideal for professional use

● Provides good lift and smooth applying

● The setting is also very fast

● For filling in, it is effective


● Not recommended for beginners as they may have a hard time using it.

#4 Mia Secret Cover Beige Acrylic Powder

Mia Secret has lots of products which are of high quality and give the best result. One of them is Mia Secret Cover Beige Acrylic Powder which provides amazing results and is suited for beginners. They can try and get perfect using this product. Its package is beautiful, and it saves time because it dries super-fast. This is easy to use, and after applying, one can see the smoothness and amazing texture. The beige cover acrylic powder stays for as long as everyone wishes their nails to last long. After applying, you can also see some shimmery effects on nails. Like its other product, it also has a heavy odor which not everyone enjoys.



● Some specs of glitter in beige

● Easy to apply and dry faster

● Can neglect to apply topcoat

● Shimmery and stays long

● Give good texture and smoothness


● Strong and heavy chemical odor

#5 DGLV28A Tiramisu for Two – Dip Powder and Lacquer

This product provided deeper nude shapes on your nails. If you want to go for nude colors on nails, then this product is effective. The lacquer is long-lasting and gives amazing cover and color to the nails. And gel nail polish makes sure the nails look shiny and professional. The acrylic powder gives strength and provides long-lasting nails without any damage. 



● Provides soft nude shades

● Long-lasting product

● No peeling and damage for weeks

● Nail gel polish gives extra shine and a perfect finish


● Not highly recommended for all-purpose


Acrylic powder and liquid for nails are among the main and most products in salons as they help create beautiful nail arts for a long time. For best acrylic nails, buy the best and highest quality acrylic nail powder and liquid of 2021. Buy any of these five products as they all are unique in their way. But before buying must check that the product you are buying is MMA-free for non-yellow nails. So, make the best decision and go for it.

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